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Updated: Dec 28, 2018

This is something I've been trying to get right and because the personal blog posts I write will be open and honest, let me remove those ten trillion walls I put up and be honest with you guys.

I'm generally a happy and positive person but there are time periods when I honestly feel like my purpose, motivation and happiness is lost. These periods normally come and go but when they come, they come in full force. Recently, I've been fighting my own internal battles and normally when I do, I take breaks from social media as I find that during this period I'm very easily triggered. That's partly the reason I've been so quiet lately. I haven't been completely offline but I haven't been in the space that I 'normally am' and I've been even harder on myself for it. I'm slowly getting back into the rhythm of things though and even though publicly I haven't been very active, behind the scenes I have actually been working through it all. God only knows how I managed that. I've been busy working to design and build this site, create strategies and plans to take on 2019, I've been setting up my LinkedIn, writing a proper CV (mine was previously pretty meh), chatting to animators and learning how to improve my editing skills so that next year - I can do the absolute most. What I had to remind myself over this period however, is that it is okay to take the day off. It is okay if all you did today was get out of bed. Just make sure to keep on keeping on and seek help when you need it.

Even though I find the space of social media amazing and full of so many opportunities, it's also a space that can be draining, especially if I'm not in the correct head space. So sometimes, the time off is necessary so that I can be mentally okay and be able to do even more when I reset.


I just want to reiterate the above statement. Because sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Most times it isn't. Someone's life can look perfect, or like they don't have struggles. To be honest, I'm a culprit of that too. When things are shit I don't post about it. When I'm going through something, I don't post that. I wait till it blows over and post a cute makeup picture when I'm out of that space. I actually remember a time when my life was in actual shambles (this is not a drill, I literally had no idea where I was going to live at one point) but I still managed to post content on social media. You can hide so much behind a picture and that's why I'm also making it my 2019 goal to try and be vocal about not only the good stuff, the achievements, the next best beauty product but also about life and its struggles and when things don't go as planned.

Social media can be an amazing space though. I use it to find inspiration and motivation and because I'm not a big communicator of my feelings, I often look to YouTube, podcasts and talks to help me be okay on those days (sometimes weeks) that I just am not.

I think we're all wanting to be the best versions of ourself. We all have different ways of coping and handling all that life throws at us. And if you're reading this, let me tell you that you're doing amazing, sweetie and so am I.

Sending lots of love and strength to you,


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