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Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Look for the hair necessities The simple hair necessities Forget about your worries and your strife

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Okay.. so I know that little intro was so corny, but let's be real, looking after your hair/styling your hair really can lead to worries so I wasn't really wrong now was I? I've compiled a list of my favourite hair products/accessories that help tame my mane and keep my hair happy and healthy!


When it comes to hair products, I always say to each their own, as some products may do magic for one and do absolutely nothing for another. I have however compiled a list of some of some of my fave hair products that I use and have used in the past.

  • DOVE Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner

  • TRESsemme Volume & Lift Salon Finish Mousse

  • Schwarzkopf Osis+ Curl Gel 'Bouncy Curls'

  • Twisted Sista Curl Activator Creme

  • TRESseme Dry Shampoo

  • VO5 Sculpted Hold Styling Gel

  • TRESseme Heat Defence Styling Spray

  • Aunty Jackies Intensive Care Conditioning mask

  • Tropic Isle Jamaican Strong Roots Red Pigmento Hair Growth Oil

  • Coconut Oil for deep conditioning (sleep with it on)



Blow Dryer & Diffuser: For me this is a MUST. I've found that half the reason why my curls look the way it does is because my diffuser does ALL the things! Tresseme has a blow dryer and diffuser set which retails for R325. I use this or I use the Parlux hairdryer and diffuser which retails for R2383.50 for the dryer and R260 for the diffuser (www.hairhousewarehouse.co.za).

Toothbrush: I have a specific toothbrush which I use for my hair to style my baby curls and when I'm creating sleek tied up hair styles. The toothbrush is a wonder brush for your hair!

Spray Bottle: You can get any bottle that you can spray on your hair. This I use to refresh my curls and add some extra moisture. You can either use water or conditioner-water and spritz away.

Microfibre Towel: Curly girls, I'm sure you're very familiar with microfibre towels but even if you're not a curly girl, microfibre towels help prevent frizz when drying your hair. I got a cheapie from Clicks - the travel/sport microfibre towel and it works great. Sorbet also sells them.

Hair Clips/Braid Accessories: I love accessories. It takes my hair styles to the next level. You can get some cute clips from your local Clicks or Dischem drugstores. For plaits, I like to use dreadlock beads. These you can find in your braiding salons but I also recently spotted some in Dischem under the "Belleza" brand.

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