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If you're like me and love to eat, then you NEED these apps/websites in your life.

1. Feastfox App

I absolutely love this app. Why? Firstly, it's free to download. Secondly, there's always amazing discounts on there. I found out about Feastfox when I went to a sushi restaurant and the waitress said I can get 30% off next time I come using Featfox. Feastfox is an app that you can download from your Apple store or Google Play store and offers discounts for dinner from restaurants in and around your location. They offer up to 30% off your meal as well as 2-for-1 specials and some other kind of combo's like free wine with meals etc. You book through the app and it's super quick and simple. Your discount gets automatically applied to your bill when you book. The only downside is that its only applicable for dinner so from 5pm onwards until 9pm.

2. The Entertainer App

The Entertainer App I've just purchased for 2019. It basically provides you with a whole range of restaurants, salons, accommodation etc. that offer 2-for-1 specials. You can save ALOT of money over the year if you're a frequent restaurant/cafe visitor like me. It retails for R495 for the year - there's a special on for 2019 right now for R395. I think it's worth it as it's a year long membership and you can save so much money if you actually make use of the app.

3. WikiDeals

WikiDeals has been around for ages so I'm sure you've at least heard of it before. It's a website (www.wikideals.co.za) which offers discounts on restaurants, activities, accommodation, spa's etc. I've saved some decent cash from purchasing restaurant vouchers. Only downside about it is that you have to print out the wiki voucher and take it with you to the restaurant - a bit of a hassle and sometimes people look at you like you're the discount kid or service experienced can be a bit inferior as you're a coupon holder but I've never had too bad of an experience just yet. I've heard some wack stories though about shitty service from places because you're a coupon holder.

4. Hyperli

Hyperli is similar to Wikideals and offers up to 90% discount codes on Food and drink, getaways, experiences and products. It's definitely worth it sometimes as some incredible deals have been spotted in the past.

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